Frequently Asked Questions

Raven has several different positions:

Company Driver - Southeast Regional 14 Day - This driver runs our entire system (8 States) for 10 - 14 days and then gets home for 58 hours.

Company Driver - Southeast Region 7 Day - This driver runs five to  eight States within our system and then gets home for 46 hours.

Local Driver - This driver runs loads that are designed to bring you back home daily.

Dedicated Driver - This driver works within the parameters of our Plant Logistics customer.

Independent Contractors - We are looking for business partners that desire to be successful.

Companies today will tell you that you will make this amount of money or that amount of money; we will not do that.  Raven will tell you how much money you make will depend on how hard you want to work.  If you are a "truckstop jockey," you will not make much money and either will the company.  Raven is looking for the "Professional" driver.  The driver that understands that the way to make money is to keep the left door closed, drive the amount of hours your log will allow, not be afraid to be moonlight driver when required and trust your Driver Manager (dispatcher) that they have your back and understand your needs.

  • Safety Bonus Pay - You earn one cent a mile for all miles driven in the quarter you earned a safety bonus
  • Breakdown Pay
  • Stop-Off Pay
  • Loading/Unloading Pay

Our operating States are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  No New York.

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Our equipment is late model tractors equipped with APU’s, Inverters, refrigerators and lots of living space. 100% of our sleeper fleet are automatics with the day cabs being 10-speed Eaton transmissions. Our fleet is governed at 70 mph. We have no inward facing cameras

Our health insurance plan is provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. You do not need to select a  primary care physician to coordinate your care. This plan is an open access PPO plan.   

Under the PPO Plan, you will receive comprehensive medical benefits when you utilize the network-specified doctors. Out-of-network benefits are also provided at a reduced level of coverage. To receive the higher level of covered benefits for visits to Specialists, Therapists, and other physicians, you will need to utilize providers in the  network.

Raven also has available for you and your family:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Access to AFLAC

Raven gives our employees a $30,000 Group Life Insurance policy FREE OF CHARGE!!!